Teaching Assistants & Learning Support Assistants

Teaching Assistant Jobs London

Teaching assistants (TAs) work alongside the teacher in a classroom whilst learning support assistants (LSAs) work one-on-one with a child who needs extra support. Whilst it is not always necessary to hold relevant qualifications to become a TA or LSA, it is always recommended that you initially have experience working in a school or with children. Competition is high, so any qualifications you have will be an added bonus! For teaching assistant jobs London, contact TimePlan Education for more information about opportunities in your local area.


What makes a great teaching assistant or learning support assistant?


  • Excellent numeracy and literacy skills
  • A keen interest in education and working with children
  • The ability to form great working relationships with staff and pupils
  • Relevant experience in education
  • Great organisational skills
  • An enthusiastic and bubbly personality

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