Teaching Jobs in Harrow

This area has much to offer any teacher contemplating one of our many teaching jobs in Harrow. There are over 68 schools in the borough ranging through, primary, secondary, independent and special schools, as well as being home to the world famous independent boys school, Harrow School. This high concentration of schools combined with the multicultural nature of the borough makes Harrow a fascinating place to teach.


Harrow is one of the boroughs making up the outer regions of central London, with plenty of its own charm and attractions. The multicultural nature of Harrow has provided a cosmopolitan feel to the borough and this reflects through in the wide variety of cuisine available throughout. For those of you who enjoy the great outdoors Harrow has plenty to offer, with over 50 different parkland areas available, ranging from woodland walks to local golf clubs Harrow will have something for you.



The area of Harrow originated as a collection of villages surrounded by open fields and farmlands.  Harrow has done much to maintain its origins as a village community and maintains a lot of this character to date, with central Harrow acting as the vibrant social heart of the borough.However for those of you wanting to experience all that London has to offer,rest assured that a regular tube service operates between Harrow and central London. The average journey time takes twenty minutes, while regular night buses operate around the city allowing you to enjoy the wide variety of vibrant nightlife that London has to offer.So if you want to work in a world class city, without the cost and noise of central London then Harrow is the ideal borough for you.

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